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Posted: 8/8/18
Laura G.
Great! and fast service!!! convenient location also. just exceptional!!! officially my new mechanic shop!

Posted 12/6/16
Customer: Mary O.
Great Place! I highly recommend this auto service to anyone.  Awesome customer service and very knowledgeable!  Very friendly and so efficient!  I want to thank you for taking the time you spent with me to explain exactly what I needed for my repair.
Posted 7/16/16
Customer: Geoffrey B.
Took my wife's car here yesterday for the alternator and oil change.  He doesn't use the cheaper parts you can buy at the box stores.  He also gave me a 2 year warranty on the alternator.  They had it fixed and out the door the same day!  They offered to pick me up when it was done!  Who does that anymore?  Excellent customer service.  Will be using him again and again.

Posted 1/12/16
Customer: Gloria M.
This is not my first visit to the shop.  I have been using Darrell's service for approximately 5 years and have found him to do excellent work, with kindness and professionalism at reasonable prices on each and every occasion.  I handed my car over to Darrell today with the admonition, I am going to make a trip out of town, please go thru this car as though it were yours and you were sending your wife and baby out of town alone in it.  He found things wrong that I did not even suspect, and almost apologized about the wearing out parts.  I have every confidence in being able to drive my car out of town now and have no fear of road failure.  (He even found some things wrong that together we decided were just too costly and not necessary to repair.)  Darrell Rich is MY MECHANIC!!
Posted 5/5/15
Customer: Ronda C.
Rich Auto Services diagnosed the problem with my Infiniti after it had been in the shop at 2 dealerships over a 2 month span.  The first dealership could not diagnose the problem and the second dealership diagnosed it as a cracked head gasket and wanted to charge me over $5000 in repairs. Darrell quickly figured out that the burning smell was a leaking water pump and fixed it for a minimal fee.  I will never take any of my cars anywhere else.
Posted 4/24/15
Customer: Michael G.
Rich Auto Services is a small shop with huge value.  The guys at Rich's know there stuff and are fair and reasonable.  They are not going to BS you about getting unnecessary work, and the work that they do is top notch and done right with FAIR pricing.  I am very happy to have found this gem of a shop.  He also works on performance vehicles.  I would definitely recommend talking with Rich he is very informative, professional and courteous.  I have no relation to Rich or his shop, I am just a real customer who found a real good place to take your car.
Posted 3/18/15
Customer: Julianne D.
My husband found this company through Google after we had been searching for a few months for a decent mechanic.  We took chances and drove all the way from Meyerland to this mechanic's location.  My car needed extensive work from needing struts and other repairs. 
I was told that it would take up to a day to have everything completed and I didn't want to wait there the entire time.  I ended up reserving a rental car from a company, but I was unable to get there by myself since I drove myself there.  Darrell was generous enough to take me to the rental car place while my car was being worked on. 
The next day, Darrell picked me up at the rental car location in my fixed car and we went back to his shop.  My car drove so much better than it did before I dropped it off.  We have finally found a decent and honest mechanic and will be going there from now on, even though it is far from where we live.
Posted 1/6/15
Customer: Gus O.
Have brought both of our Honda cars here for repairs and will continue to bring them for fast, quality service.  Thank you!
Posted 8/20/14
Customer: Gracey M.
I tried Darrell after reading all the great reviews and I feel very lucky to have found him.  The most important thing I can say about Darrell is trust and quality.  He is honest, straight forward, professional and great at what he does.  When you talk to him you feel like he is telling you the truth and your car is in good hands.  That's worth its weight in gold to me.  I had an old truck that was on its last leg.  Darrell always took the time to explain and show me what he was repairing.  He always told me what needed to be repaired, what could wait and what was more economical to do together.  I've gone to him for 5 years and will continue to go to him.  I've always made the drive out to him from the downtown area because he's worth it!
Posted 5/14/14
Customer: Kimberly R.
Darrell was referred to me by his wife whom I have worked with for over 10 years.  My Lexus is 10 years old and I always took it to the dealership for scheduled maintenance or any issues.  When I found out that Darrell was a certified Lexus technician, I immediately took my car there.  His customser service is absolutely exceptional and never did he try to upsell or do something that wasn't needed.  I felt completely confident in Darrell's suggestions and recommendations and told me exactly what I needed, what to prepare for and to call him ANYTIME with questions.  I have referred him to all of my friends and will only take my vehicle to him for service.  Thank you Darrell for taking great care of me not just because he was referred by his wife, but because of his approach to how he treats all his customers - Honesty and Hard work.  If you are looking for someone friendly, hardworking, honest and wants the best for you, then take your car to Rich Auto Services.
Posted 1/4/2014
Customer: J.C.
I am so lucky to have found Rich Auto Services.  My regular mechanic did not want to give me a ball park figure for a 60,000 service for a Toyota Corolla.  Darrell took a few days and gave me a figure so that I could budget.  His price was very fair and didn't deviate from the quote.  He was upfront with all charges, showed me what was to be done and why.  VERY honest, personable, a rarity in Auto Business.  He is fast, efficient, thorough and fair, what more could you ask for in an auto mechanic!  Had service done Aug 2013 and Jan 2014, I have told everyone I know about Darrell and will continue to use his services!
Posted 9/10/2013
Customer: Jacob J.
I drive a 2010 Honda Civic, and it started to make a very loud grinding noise.  I thought it may have been the brakes, and was dreading going to see a mechanic.  A relative referred me to Darrell at Rich Auto Services and I'm so glad I found him.  He was able to diagnose the exact problem upon hearing it immediately.  My inner pads were completely worn and they had damaged the rotors.  He gave me options on new pads and rotors, and explained them to me in detail.  He also taught me about how the brake system on a car works, and the ins and outs of it.  It was all very informative, and he was much more helpful than other mechanics I have dealt with.  He got the parts, and had me out in no time.  Having gotten quotes from Brake Check and others before, I knew I had saved a great deal of money.  I will definitely be recommending Darrell to others, and I plan to use his services for any future repairs.  It's so great to have a mechanic I can trust!
Posted 6/20/2013
Customer: Charles D..
Darrell was referred to me in 2010 from an associate at Best Collision Center.  I needed to have my 1991 Nissan Pathfinder tuned up and the clutch replaced.  Darrell did an excellent job getting the truck up and running.  The service was awesome and the price was great.  My daughter uses it to deliver for Jimmy Johns.
I have continued to use Darrell to this day for my 2006 Toyota Sequoia.  Again, his work is good, timely and reasonably priced.  He uses above standard parts and makes recommendations to help extend your vehicle life. 
I won't use anyone else. 
Posted 5/8/2013
Customer: Carl E.
I relocated to Houston, TX from Wisconsin and I wanted to find a reputable auto mechanic.  I was referred to Rich Auto Services LLC by a fellow employee, who highly recommended Darrell Rich.  I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Rich and have him perform the necessary work on my vehicle.  He is an honest, conscientious and fair businessman;  I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs auto repair services.  I will gladly use his services in the future. 
Posted 11/01/2012
Customer: Ronke A.
Rich Auto Services is an awesome place to get it done right the first time around.  As a single mom, I've had my share of horror stories when it comes to mechanics.  Today, I drove over thirty miles to have my car worked on at Rich's Auto. 
I was treated with so much respect, and dignity!  He figured out what was wrong with my car and he took the time to educate me about it.  My vehicle was fixed perfectly, at a fair price, and the service was worth the extra travel time. 
I recommend Rich Auto Services to anyone in need of a trustworthy, competent mechanic to get the job done right.  Thank you for your honesty, and for doing such a great job!
Posted 10/18/2012
Customer: Cameron H. 
I took my car to Rich Auto Services and Darrell was very upfront and honest about the work that needed to be done.  He provided a quote and when I dropped of my car, the work was done on time. 
A few months later, the alternator that he installed began to malfunction again. I took the car back, and Darrell replaced the alternator free of charge.  Despite a faulty part, Darrell was extremely helpful and made sure that my car was running properly. 
Highly recommended! 
Posted 4/4/2012
Customer: Joni F. 
I was looking for a new mechanic to help with a brake light/chime problem.  My shop of 13 years determined it was a speed sensor and that fix lasted 2 weeks and the chiming began again.  I looked on Craigslist and found multiple entries for Rich Auto Services and read the reviews on this website and the Facebook page.  All good/great/fantastic reviews, so I called and set up an appointment.
Darrell showed me every step he took in determining the problem and was determined the find the fix.  Turned out that there were some wires that had worn down/frayed over time and he took care of that - I can't imagine how long that would have taken my old place (not to mention cost and frustration!)  I drove out of there a happy camper and plan on going back to get other work done that I need to address (which is another plus - no pressure to get it all done in one day!) 
I love that there is a mechanic out there that will ask questions, getting all the pieces of the puzzle in front of them, rather than doing a quick fix.  And the no pressure approach is not so bad either.  I appreciate the exit interview, too, showing the process he took to repair the car.  I'm definitely taking my car back to Rich Auto Services in the future and have already recommended Rich's to several people.  THANK YOU!!!!! Going to nickname Darrell the Car Whisperer :)
Posted 3/18/2012
Customer: Hilda G.
Rich Auto Services came at the recommendation of a friend and I have to say I was very pleased for the recommendation.
I was informed of another issue and was glad to have great explanations about all that happened.  Darrell was very good about letting me know what was going on with my Mazda Tribute.  He worked very hard to get me the most cost effective repairs without skimping on the quality. 
Also, I had to come from the other side of town to pick up my truck and he waited around to accommodate me.  He really went above and beyond.
It is hard to find an honest, reliable mechanic at times and this is often compounded when you are female.  Darrell was both honest and reliable and now has another customer to add to his business. 
Thank you Darrell, I will be back again!
Posted 1/14/2012
Customer: Iris K.
I found Rich Auto Services through the referral of my sister, and I am so grateful she did.  Rich Auto Services fixed my car which I had previously taken to other competitors several times.  The indicator light on my car showed that it was overheating.  The work that the mechanic, Darrell, did on the car fixed the problem immediately.  I had previously taken the car to a few car shops nearby to the house, but the problems with my car were not resolved.  Darrell immediately pin-pointed the issue with the car, replaced the part and I am on the road again!  The service was superb and I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone in the Houston/Katy/Sugar Land area.  It can be hard finding a mechanic that you trust, but I will definitely be back for any and all future auto needs. 
The work was precise, quick, and very very reasonable.  Thanks Rich Auto Services, and Darrell for getting me on the road again!
Posted 12/21/2011
Customer: James K.
I can only say Mr. Darrell Rich is a honest and humble auto mechanic that all consumers should seek out.  I went to get my two front rotors and pads replaced due to bad vibration when I applied brakes.  He knew right away it was the rotors/pads.  Mr Rich fixed it up in about an hour and charged only the time and parts needed.  Now my Camry (160K miles) runs like new.
Please pass on the great news about this honest mechanic!!
Posted 10/11/2011
Customer: Jeff W.
Darrell has been my auto mechanic and service tech for the past 3+ years.  He always beats dealership and chain automotive shop prices, usually substantially by 30 - 50%.  I refer all my friends and family to his servie.  Honesty, Value and Quality Work with a warranty!  You cannot beat Rich Auto Services!  I assure you this message is real and in no way was it asked for or solicited by Darrell or anyone with Rich Auto Services; if you want a personal recommendation, feel free to send me a FB message.  Keep up the good work Darrell! 
Posted 8/10/2011
Customer: Justin T.
I took my car to Rich Auto Services to fix the cooling system, as well as replace all parts associated with high mileage maintenance (belts, oil, etc.). The whole process was quick and I didn't have to spend a fortune like I would at other places.  They were really knowledgable and straight forward.  Also, they explained the different options I had and what the long term effect would be in a way that easily understandable.  At Rich Auto Services, they find the least expensive solution rather than other companies that try to get as much money as they can from you.  
There was a different time when my car was having suspension problems.  It turned out to be a strut issue that needed to be replaced.  They were able to find the problem, order the part, and have my car back to me that same day!
I will definitely be going back for anything car related and would highly recommend this place to everyone!
Posted 7/21/2011
Customer: Robert T.
I have had numerous repairs performed with Rich Auto Services and on each occassion I was informed of various options available regarding parts (OEM, dealer, off brand) which impacted cost, which in turn allowed me to determine a course of action.  I have been very pleased with the results of the work contracted and would highly recommend the service and professionalism received. 
Posted 6/3/2011
Customer: Bimpe A.
Darrell did an excellent job on my A/C repair.  I thought something major was wrong with my A/C but it turned out to be just an old valve that was causing a leak.  It only cost me an additional $26!  Most mechanics probably would have fibbed a bit to charge me for unnecessary repairs.  Thanks for the great work! 
Posted 5/12/2011
Customer: Craig L.
Dropped off Thursday morning to repair A/C.  They had to pull whole dash out.  He called me Friday morning.  It is a two day job but he stayed late to finish it in one day.  Thanks for going way above and beyond.  And dash has no rattles, LOL.  Great job and price.
Posted 5/9/2011
Customer: Trent C..
First time Customer:  I called Darrell Wednesday afternoon and he had my car in by Friday.  I needed a fuel pump replaced in my Cadillac and I purchased a factory AC Delco online and had Darrell inspect then install.  He recommended looking it over before he did the install because it could have been another problem which he could identify using his equipment.  All in all, I had a pleasant experience dealing with Darrell and will come back and would recommend to anyone.  No problems with the car and Darrell warrantied his work.  Thanks for the pleasant experience.
Posted 5/2/2011
Customer:  Elaine C.
It was so hard for me to find a mechanic that I trust, won't rip me off and most of all do a good job... until I found Rich Auto Services.  Getting your car repaired is a great deal of stress already, but every time I've brought my car to Darrell he's fixed it fast and has given me a good deal.  Everyone I've recommended to Darrell has been very satisfied with his services and has spoken highly of him.  Yes, he is that good!!!
Posted 2/17/2011
Customer:  SueBee F
I am a single woman new in Houston. I have a car I love and take care of. Finding someone to trust to maintain for me and keep it in the best conditon is highly important to me. A friend told me about Rich and while her car is as special to her as mine is to me, I called Rich. I had already called a dealer and another service man in my neighborhood. He not only gave me a better price over the phone, not knowing I had already done my homework, he was kind, polite and returned my call as soon as he had the information to relay to me. It was encouraging.
Then I made the trek to his place and was pleasantly surprised to find a clean waiting room and an even cleaner shop. He was on top of everything and it took less time then he thought. He checked around the car and was going to charge me less then he had quoted because the job was quicker then he thought. I couldn't begin to tell you that that has never happened. No, I gave him the amount we agreed upon because he did take extra time with me and my car and I will return and I will pass his card around.
I much prefer to do business with a wonderful referral then a large expensive ad that takes too much time away from the man who knows all the vehicles. I appreciate you Rich and I will be seeing you again for my general maintenance. Thank you for being such a nice warm business man who is looking to stay in business for the long haul and not take every person for a ride.. 
Posted 1/25/11
Customer: Jenni L.
Darrell Rich has always provided great service.  I found him a year ago through an online search and have taken my car to him ever since.  He is consistently lower than what I am quoted elsewhere and provides a quick turn-around on service completion.  He has never pressured me to get unneeded work and has proven himself as trustworthy. I have referred several people to him and always get the same feedback - he's a great find! 
Posted 1/06/11
Customer:  Iris D.
Wish I'd known about "Rich Auto Services" sooner. Darrell was very helpful and he was able to service my car within my lunch hour. It's hard to make appointments after hours or on the weekends. I will surely continue to go to Darrell with any of my car issues. It's so to be able to trust a mechanic, I always have doubts about who I leave my car with, but not anymore.
Thanks, Darrell 
Posted 10/29/10
Customer:  Maulik P.
I have been taking my vehicles to Darrell for a few years and am always satisfied with his work. You can tell just by calling him that he's honest and straight to the point.   He takes time to physically show you what needs to be done and what it would affect.  He is very thorough and stands by his work.  I recently had him do the 100K service on my 2005 Ford F150 and his quote was several hundred dollars less than the Ford dealership.  I can definitely tell that my truck runs a lot better now.  I wouldn't take my vehicles to anyone else.  My entire family gets there repairs done here now.  I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.  
Posted 9/23/10
Customer:  Luri G.
Very polite and pleasant to have business with. He worked around my schedule and got my A/C replaced in one day for $755 with new parts and one year warranty.

Darrell explained everything in an understandable manner with solid arguments. Most of the shops would give me some ridiculous price for replacing many parts (including electric wires) but none of them told me why did they have to replace those parts: they just said that after doing that my A/C would work. Darrell walked me through each part and explained what was wrong and why did he have to replace it (btw, electric wires did not have to be replaced).

Excellent mechanic. Would recommend to my friends and family
Posted 9/23/10
Customer:  Daurice W.
Rich Auto Services is Excellent. We lost our mechanic recently to a move and Darrell was referred to us and he more than filled the shoes of our old mechanic. He does ONLY what needs to be done, is not trying to rebuild our car and his prices are great. We have older cars by choice so we need more maintenance than a new car and he has fixed everything and reasonably and knows exactly what needs to be done. If you are looking for a good, honest mechanic, here he is!
Posted 7/02/10
Customer: Ruth S.
If you're looking for a good, honest mechanic in the West Houston area (like I was), I don't think you need to look any further! 
I lost my dependable, honest auto mechanic in the Spring Branch (West Houston) area several years ago.  I've tried others; but always felt like they were ripping me off in one way or another.  I felt like they "saw me coming"....a single  female who doesn't know an o-ring from a cylinder. 
Darrell fixed my brakes for me quickly!  He didn't try to sell me extra (unnecessary) parts & services.  He was courteous & explained things to me in easy-to-understand terms.  This is the auto mechanic that you can send your Mom or daughter to!  ...And KNOW that he'll take care of their auto repairs like YOU would (if you were an auto mechanic).
I searched online for reviews about the chain stores (the brake repair places)... ...trying to find one that wouldn't lure me in with a $99 special & then upsell me to the $799 "real deal" (because the special was just a get-them-in-the-door to bait-and-switch-them scheme).  I found negative reviews from all of them. 
So, I searched for an honest auto mechanic in West Houston.  Darrell's reviews sold me!  If 10 people will take the time to submit a positive review, he probably has hundreds or thousands who did not take the time to do so.  (We typically take the time to write a review when we are dissapointed... ... not when we are pleased!)
I can highly recommend Darrell Rich Auto Services!  And, I hope that my review leads MANY others to them! 
I can remember when I was a young, single Mom (& desperately needed all the help I could get)!  I even gave 1 car away...thinking that would cost me a fortune to repair it.  The man I gave it to knew a little about fixing his own vehicles.  He fixed it himself for a few hundred dollars....and drove it for years!  Mechanics (and auto dealerships) led me to believe that it would have cost me well-over $1 thousand to repair! (And, it probably would have!)
I hope that my review helps all of you find Darrell Rich (including you single Moms who don't know who to trust or where to go for your auto repairs).  Darrell does it all (I think)....from oil changes to air conditioner repairs to engine repairs.  Just check his other web pages (where there's a list of his services).
I know I must sound like his Mom or his Aunt or something like that.  But, I'm not!  I just LOVE to find others who like to do business like I do!....fair & honest & helpful & courteous!  Then tell the world about them! 
Posted 6/15/10
Customer: Jen & Kerry C.
A better experience than going to the dealer...honest, prompt and efficient service! We had our Mercedes' brake pads, sensor, rotors replaced and an oil change.  Price of the services were lower than expected. My car drives great! 
Posted 5/21/10
Customer: Ann L.
Reliable mechanical auto service with honest evaluations.  Definitely will recommend to friends and will return in the future for other needed services.
Posted 5/3/10
Customer: Roger T.
It is such a peace of mind and big relief to have finally found a great, dependable and honest mechanic with affordable prices.  Darrell is a very nice and professional person.  He takes the time to explain things to you, look for the part you need to replace at the best and lowest price.  He was fast, efficient, and much lower than anybody else.  I will certainly refer all of my friends and family to him.  We all know it is rare if not almost impossible to find a mechanic that's honest and knows his business.
Posted 12/11/09
Customer: Victor T.
I just recently moved to Houston from California and it's always a struggle to find a good doctor/dentist, contractor, plumber and mechanic.  My wife has a 2003 Lincoln Navigator and the air suspension went out for the 2nd time.  We decided to get rid of the air suspension and go with a coil over system.  It was during Thanksgiving and I searched for mechanics all over the area with positive reviews and found Darrell.  I called him the next day and he was able to give me an estimate and was very helpful with the selection of which brand of suspension were best for the price.  When the springs came, he installed it and even fixed a door sensor problem that we had.  All of which was less than half of what other shops would charge.  I have Darrell's number saved for any future auto problems.  I defintely would recommend him to anyone I know.
Posted 10/24/09
Customer: Heather L.
Darrell at Rich Auto Services is one of the most honest people I have ever met.  He repaired my brakes on my car very quickly, accurately and was his prices were extremely affordable!  I would recommend his work to anyone!  World Class service at affordable prices!  What more could you ask for?  I will always take my car to Rich Auto Services whenever I need work done.  I agree with Celia D. - Darrell takes the time to explain everything in easy to understand terms.  Thanks!!
Posted 9/14/09
Customer: Celia D.
I'm so excited that I finally found a great, dependable, and honest mechanic with affordable prices.  Darrell is so nice and professional.  He takes time to explain what exactly is the problem (in layman's terms) and what it will cost to get it fixed.  I referred all of my friends and family to him.

Posted 07/21/09

Customer: Lori E. 

I will definitely use Darrell's services again. Very nice and affordable. I recommend his services to anyone who has experienced high end repair bills. Easy, accessible location. I went to Rich Auto Services because I had no A/C. I left with full working, cold blowing air....

My usual maintenance shop wanted $1700 to replace a part on the air conditioner of my older car . I called Darrell Rich. He was available, polite, honest, and very knowledgeably about cars. Darrell saved me over $1000 and was courteous, while he did it. I highly recommend Darrell to anyone who wants good honest service.


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